Real Moms' Feedback

I'm thankful for Eco Boom diapers. Not only is it biodegradable (70.1% in 147 days), it is also FSC-100, 2-star OK-Biobased and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. It's made of bamboo and toxin-free. Best of all, it actually works! Very absorbent, no rashes. A little pricier but because it works so well, we actually use less and it all evens out. Good for baby, good for our pockets, good for the environment. Happy parents! Let's all do our part, no matter how small. 
- Lara De Castro, Mom of Lucas

Hi guys, just wanted to commend your brand and practice! You'd think something environmentally friendly wouldn't be as effective as other diapers - especially big established brands. But I am so pleasantly surprised with Eco Boom! When we use Eco Boom at night - no leaks at all! We don't change her anymore in the middle of the night. No rashes either. No fuss from our baby. All this plus a lighter conscience when using your diapers! 

- Marian Dimacali-Calaquian, Mom of Guada




Actually Ecoboom is more economical in the long run cause we don’t change through the night! With other diapers, she wakes up every 3-4 hours so we need to change! It holds a lot and no leaks! Amazing! I don’t think others go through the math. I really use only 7-8 versus 13 with other brands! It took me long to try because it sounded expensive, but my daughter kept getting rashes so I tried ALL brands! Like 40 brands! And I settled with Eco Boom. I mean other diapers no rash too, but I’ve had lots of leaking experience! I’m die hard Eco Boom fan!

- Jessica Co, Mom of Cara



I'm super happy kasi Ethan has been really kawawa for having rashes for months! Now it's gone! I tried so many brands only Eco Boom ang nahiyang siya. Worth every cent! I'd love to share my experience to my mommy followers. I'm sure madami makakarelate. As a mom it's heartbreaking to see your baby, especially Ethan. He's been through a lot as a preemie warrior tapos he has atopic dermatitis pa. If only you will the photos ng before as in with blood and all yung rashes which lasted for months. I'm so happy talaga na it's gone. Slowly healed ever since we switched to Eco Boom. 

- Bianca Lalaine Lapus, Actress, Mom of Four



We love the diapers! They last so long and are so soft! No rashes. I feel so good using them because I know I'm not harming the planet. Nothing beats ecofriendly talaga dati may guilt talaga ako kasi I use diapers eh! Kaya happy ako na you guys exist! 

- Kylie Nicole Padilla, GMA Actress and Mom of Two