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Eco Boom, a Life-Changing Diaper Brand


Saving the Planet One Baby Bum at a Time

As you know, regular diapers last 400-500 years in the landfill.

A baby uses an average of at least 7,000 diapers during their first three years before they are potty trained creating about 3.5m tons of non biodegradable waste. 

Our advocacy is to give more Filipino moms an ecofriendly alternative to regular disposable diapers since not a lot of moms can go cloth diapers all the way. That way, we can reduce plastic pollution in our planet.

Eco Boom Diapers and Wipes give parents a more eco friendly, safe, hypoallergenic alternative to regular disposable diapers & wipes. 70.1% of an Eco Boom diaper biodegrades in 147 days while Eco Boom wipes are fully biodegradable in 30-60 days.
Eco Boom wipes are fully biodegradable in 30-45 days. Because it's food grade, alcohol-free and made of 99.5% reverse osmosis water, we can ensure utmost safety for you and your baby's skin. It's soft and silky to touch, does not dry out easily and perfect for you and your baby's everyday use.

Soft as Silk and Gentle on Skin

Being so soft, bamboo fiber is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Its smoothness means that bamboo fibers do not irritate the skin as other materials with jagged edges are prone to do.

Did you know that most commercial diapers contain dioxins? Dioxins are being emitted during a diaper's bleaching process. These toxic chemicals can eventually enter your baby's system. That is why our diapers are chlorine-free. It's perfectly safe for you babies. 

Try our Eco Boom biodegradable bamboo diapers and see the difference!

Up to 12 Hours Protection

The superb absorption is what makes Eco Boom Premium Biodegradable diapers the perfect overnight diaper for your baby.




OEKO-TEX Standard 100

 OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification (sustainable textile production) is a worldwide certification system for environmentally & socially responsible production facilities in the textile & clothing industry. This means that our product is completely FREE from harmful chemicals & safe for human to use.


FSC 100 Certified
Our products are 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This means that our products are made from non-woven bamboo that did not harm our world’s forest. Being FSC certified, our brand has complied with the highest social and environmental standards on the market.
The ECO BOOM Bamboo Diapers brand has received a two-star ⭐️⭐️ OK-Biobased Certification! Why is OK-Biobased very important? 
As a result of the increased environmental awareness among customers, there is a growing market for products on a basis of renewable raw materials. And that environmentally conscious motivation on the part of customers is exactly the reason why there is a need for an independent, high-quality guarantee of the renewability of raw materials. The OK Biobased certification meets that need perfectly.